Public Outreach & Education

One of the central goals of the CPC is to bring researchers and the research conducted in the center closer to society. To accomplish this, the CPC has different activities including the Nucleus participation in science fairs, exhibitions and other community events. Furthermore, in this CPC Division educational material and games are developed, using computational and virtual reality elements, based in the concepts associated with chemical processes and catalysis.

TEASER – EPO [Education & Public Outreach]
Virtual reality game “Cosmic Particle Chasers”

"10th Congress of the World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists"

− Evento CPC | 2014

"Cazadores de Partículas Cósmicas - IX Feria de la Ciencia Explora"

− PME CPC | 2015

"Perspectives on Catalysis & Energy"

− Workshop CPC | 2015

"Open Lab - Facultad Química UC"

− PME CPC | 2015



Centro de Innovación UC Anacleto Angelini

April 28 – 29

Exposición Dr. Alejandro Toro-Labbé

The Millennium Nucleus Chemical Processes and Catalysis – CPC – in partnership with the Research and Graduate School of Faculty of Chemistry UC, organized the first edition of the Workshop “Perspectives on Catalysis & Energy” during April 2014. An event that unified practical and theoretical dimension of catalysis and energy research.

The initiative drew more than 70 participants together and presented a paper focused on the transfer of information and knowledge in advanced areas, through the participation of diverse specialists and academics, including the Swiss professor, Dr. Heinz Berke, who works in homogeneous catalysis and presented the topic: “Metals for Noble Tasks: Non-Platinum Group Metal Catalysts for Efficient Homogeneous Hydrogenations”.

As a result of this event the role of catalysis in the production process of chemical and petrochemical companies was recognized, knowing the perspectives of leading researchers from the academic world, discussing future challenges and opportunities, as well as the impact of energy production, storage and use.

The activity was an excellent opportunity to interact with academics and researchers from other universities and research institutes that are developing interesting projects with a strong applied component.

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Workshop: Perspectives on Catalysis and Energy

May 03, 2015

Workshop Program



Virtual Reality Game of Computational Astrochemistry

August 2015

Open Lab, Faculty of Chemistry PUC

More and more, new initiatives seek to use video games, media growing popularity as a tool for education: Edutopia, MIT GameLab, among others are some examples of these initiatives.

Along this line, the Millennium Nucleus Chemical Processes and Catalysis – CPC – has promoted, from the Education, Dissemination & Public Outreach Division to the external environment, the development of alternatives to precipitate the appreciation of science, based on outreach and education video game design.

The Game “Cosmic Particle Chasers” is an initiative that seeks to promote the interest of young people in computational astrochemistry by creating an immersive experience. The game’s performance and display bases its operation on the VR technology, allowing a bodily active approach in a scenario of Virtual Reality. This game uses attributes of tangential learning to transfer concepts such as catalysis and interstellar medium, through a race across the space, translating a doctoral research without sacrificing the gaming experience in an activity implemented in Open Laboratories (Open Lab) and the “IX Fiesta de la Ciencia y Tecnología” Explora CONICYT.

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Educación: Cazadores Partículas Cósmicas

January 05, 2016


WATOC 2014

10th Congress of the World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists


Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2013, Professor Arieh Warshel

The Congress of the World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry – WATOC – is one of the main venues for the presentation of research results on conceptual developments and applications of theoretical and computational chemistry in a wide range of fields related to biology, physics and chemistry.

During 2014, the Millennium Nucleus Chemical Processes & Catalysis – CPC – in partnership with the Faculty of Chemistry at the Pontificia Universidad Católica inaugurated the tenth edition of the Congress WATOC 2014, which was attended by scientists from around the world. Performed for the very first time in South America, it brought together worldwide leading researchers to discuss and review the latest scientific and technological advances that have occurred in recent years in the field of theoretical and computational chemistry.

One of the main guests was the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry for 2013, Professor Arieh Warshel of the University of Southern California, who visited the Faculty of Chemistry UC and received the honorary degree Doctor Scientiae et Honoris Causa conferred by the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

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WATOC 2014

January 06, 2016